Technical Bulletin Model
Subject: Solution to Hot Start Problems Part Identifier
Hot starting difficulties on 1977 Model cars can sometimes only be corrected by installing kit, Part Number 047 198 587

Before installing kit:

  • Check CIS system to make certain specifications given in Workshop Manual (page 25-4) are obtained.

    • Be sure to perform system pressure leak test and check injectors to assure they don't drip.

  • Check engine for dieseling after switching off ignition

    • If dieseling occurs, install diode Part Number 059 905 371 as described in Product Bulletin, Group 10 Number 7703, dated July 1, 1977

If hot starting problems still exist, install Kit No. 047 198 597 as follows:

Work Sequence:

  • Unscrew fuel tank filler cao to release pressure
  • Loosen radiator expansion tank and move tank aside
  • Install thermo-switch, mounted on bracket, under intake manifold as shown.
  • Preassemble solenoid and long fuel hose to bracket
  • Bolt solenoid A to air sensor housing by passing rear two bolts on housing through solenoid mounting bracket
  • Install new fuel hose connecting bolt B to permit connection of long fuel line C from solenoid

  • On cars beginning with Chassis Number 924 723 1707, fuel line connectors are somewhat different, requiring use of connector Part Number 911 110 159 00 included in kit. See illustration for location of connector of fuel line terminations.
  • Remove control pressure connector from top of fuel distributor.
  • Install long connector A together with short fuel line B from kit
  • Bolt other end of short fuel line to solenoid C
  • Put radiator expansion tank back in place and bolt up

Install wiring harness as follows:

  • Attach blue connecor A to solenoid
  • Connect two-wire cable B to thermo-switch
  • Install short brown wire C under 6 mm. bolt on intake manifold
  • Route long harness past sensor plate/safety switch to white connector A at rear of ignition coil
  • Pull white connector apart

  • Remove male pin to which red/black and green/white wires are attached, from connector
  • Install cable B of new wiring harness in place of one removed
  • Connect removed cable to connector C on new wiring harness
  • Plug white connector back together
  • Tie new harness to safety switch at intake manifold and to existing harness at fire wall
  • Tighten fuel tank filler cap
  • Start engine and check fuel leaks

Check function of kit as follows:

  • Remove electrical plug (blue) from newly installed solenoid
  • Connect test light across connector pins

    • With engine hot (above 140 °F) test light should go on during starting of engine

August 5, 1977