924/944/968 Frequently Asked Questions


The goal of this FAQ is to provide answers to frequently asked questions about four-cylinder, water-cooled Porsches. Many of these questions have been posted to the RennList mailing list, which provides an on-line community for Porsche owners and fans throughout the world. If you would like to subscribe to RennList, click here to learn how.

This FAQ is a work in progress. If you have any suggestions, additions, or clarification, please e-mail me. The information presented here has been gathered from many sources, and by and large reflects the consensus opinions of members of the RennList mailing list. If you don't agree with something or feel something is blatantly wrong, please send me a note with a correction. Special thanks to Dennis Mitsch, Michael Kehr, Bob Joyce, and all the rest who helped this FAQ get off the ground!

A Little History

This FAQ originated with the Porschephiles mailing list. Since then, Porschephiles has retired. It was followed by the PorscheFans mailing lists, and more recently by the RennList (née PorscheList) lists. Information about these lists can be found at http://www.rennlist.com, and that page gives instructions on joining the RennList discussion group. There is a 924/944/968 specific mailing list administered by RennList. If you have questions which the FAQ doesn't answer, or if you would like to join an on-line community of friends who share your interest in Porsches, joining this mailing list is a great idea.

Who Wrote the FAQ

A number of folks have helped create and maintain this document. The current FAQ maintainer is Kevin Gross, who can be reached at . Dennis Mitsch, Jim Pasha, Michael Bremer, Clint Cummings, H. Shrikumar, Michael Kehr, Bob Joyce, George Beuselinck, Albert Broadfoot, Ryoji Sumida, Leonard Zech, Walter Spector, Pete Dillon, Marc Belanger, Ryoji Sumida, Scott Dukowitz, Craig Seko, Markus Blaszak, and many others have contributed to the care and feeding of the FAQ and to the authorship of the information contained within it.

Our Contributors

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